f6cbc: 24/05/18 1315z
f6cbc: 23/05/18 1156z
f6cbc: 22/05/18 0900z 21/05/18 1121z
tr8ca:0717z: ve3la and yo8saf tks cw and ft8 qso 73
tr8ca: 20/05/18 0716z
yo8saf:0642z: tx fer qso de aldo romania
yo8saf: 20/05/18 0641z
ve3la:1834z: Hey Alain, thanks for CW QSO tonight!
ve3la: 19/05/18 1834z
tr8ca:1610z: good afternoon
tr8ca:1610z: hola buenas tardes
tr8ca: 15/05/18 1610z
dl7f: 15/05/18 1609z
Ea5gti.: 15/05/18 1606z
f6cbc: 14/05/18 1013z
s6cvx:1802z: sm6cvx
s6cvx: 12/05/18 1759z
sp6dnz: 12/05/18 1709z
f6cbc: 12/05/18 1202z
BG3UPA: 12/05/18 0727z
F: 11/05/18 1259z
tr8ca:0521z: ja1fve tks ft8 qso 10 may
tr8ca:0520z: ea5imv muchas gracias mi amigo
ja1fve hello
tr8ca: 11/05/18 0519z
ja1fve: 10/05/18 1036z
ja1fve: 10/05/18 1036z
EA5IMV:1841z: Merci beaucoup pour le qso. Salutations d'Alicante (Spain) 73
EA5IMV: 09/05/18 1838z 08/05/18 0546z 08/05/18 0546z
TR8CA:1440z: 28074
TR8CA: 06/05/18 1440z
tr8ca:0618z: f4dxx mci pr le qso 73
tr8ca:0615z: bonjour gm
tr8ca: 06/05/18 0615z
f4dxx:1717z: meilleurs 73 de Bruno
f4dxx:1717z: merci pour le QSO
50W + ATAS120 à 3m dans un lotissement de Nantes
f4dxx: 04/05/18 1715z
ea7dz: 04/05/18 1212z
TR8CA.: 04/05/18 1211z
IW4ARD:1351z: fk8cp Remi you are here?
IW4ARD:1350z: Hi Remi
IW4ARD: 03/05/18 1349z
g7ock: 01/05/18 1301z
BG3UPA:1332z: Unfortunately not 80 meters
BG3UPA:1332z: YES
tr8ca:1330z: we has qso on 40m
BG3UPA:1329z: I'm going to the lower band.
tr8ca:1326z: now on 18102 listening up
BG3UPA:1324z: understand
tr8ca:1323z: 250
BG3UPA:1323z: My power is 200W. What about you?
BG3UPA:1319z: Signal - 20
tr8ca:1318z: ok sorry maybe late
BG3UPA:1318z: By chance, I can decode it. I'm DP now.
tr8ca:1317z: back on 18100
tr8ca:1316z: did you receive my sig .?
BG3UPA:1315z: Hope to meet in the high wave section.
BG3UPA:1315z: I'm going to install the DB18E antenna.
tr8ca:1314z: dsiplay 18103 and offset +1000
BG3UPA:1313z: ok

tr8ca:1312z: pse move on display 18103
tr8ca:1311z: rr73
tr8ca:1311z: i rcv my report now waiting rr77
BG3UPA:1311z: understand

tr8ca:1310z: you are on 400
tr8ca:1310z: -11
tr8ca:1310z: its rain
tr8ca:1310z: ok good
tr8ca: 29/04/18 1310z
BG3UPA: 29/04/18 1309z
tr8ca:1308z: ok fine
tr8ca:1308z: you bg3upa ?
NO.DECODE:1307z: understand
tr8ca:1306z: now on 18100
NO.DECODE: 29/04/18 1306z
bg3upa:1135z: OK

bg3upa:1135z: Just finished QSO with the C93PA.
tr8ca:1134z: qrt now pse late in one or two hours tks
bg3upa:1133z: Africa has spread well these days.
tr8ca:1133z: ap2
tr8ca:1133z: ja5 jh1
bg3upa:1132z: See Japan answer you.
tr8ca:1132z: maybe late
tr8ca:1132z: i have you trace but no decode
bg3upa:1131z: I NO DECODE
tr8ca:1131z: I think you I rcv sig on my offset
bg3upa:1130z: I'm calling, FIRST.
tr8ca:1130z: but I think no propagation with China
tr8ca:1129z: transeiver display 18102
tr8ca:1129z: tx odd
tr8ca:1128z: display 18102 offset 1000
tr8ca:1128z: tf8 ja1
tr8ca:1128z: rw9 5b zs
tr8ca:1127z: vp8 jr6
tr8ca:1127z: pse call cq
tr8ca:1127z: 18100 now
bg3upa:1126z: yes,FT8

tr8ca:1125z: ok I can FT8 ??
bg3upa:1125z: tr8ca:try 17m?

tr8ca:1125z: ok for China
tr8ca:1125z: my beam is direction east
tr8ca:1124z: hello bg3upa
tr8ca: 29/04/18 1124z
bg3upa: 29/04/18 1124z
F4DXX:1744z: Merci pour le QSO sur 17M
73 Bruno
F4DXX: 28/04/18 1742z
F4DXX: 28/04/18 1736z
tr8ca:1357z: iu2igx i don't find the qso on my log also on wsjtx.log sorry tomorrow maybe 73
tr8ca: 26/04/18 1357z
IU2IGX: 26/04/18 0537z
f6cbc: 25/04/18 1229z
IZ5MOQ:2009z: Hello Alain, are you here/QRV?
IZ5MOQ: 23/04/18 2008z
f6cbc: 21/04/18 0734z
fk8cp:1055z: Bon WE Alain
fk8cp: 20/04/18 1055z
YO3APJ:0423z: J'espère vous entendre à 160M un jour
YO3APJ:0422z: Besoin TR8CA dans 160M !
YO3APJ:0421z: Merci Alain pour le QSO dans 80M!

YO3APJ: 18/04/18 0420z
Merci.pour.le.QSO.dans.80M.:0419z: Merci pour le QSO dans 80M !

Merci.pour.le.QSO.dans.80M.: 18/04/18 0419z
tr8ca:1826z: sp6ohe sorry no message
tr8ca:1825z: hello m0hom ea5gul and sp6ohe
i read my emails now
tr8ca: 17/04/18 1825z
SP6OHE:1303z: Hello Alain, check mail box acombelles@gmail.com, please find my mail to You
SP6OHE: 16/04/18 1302z
ea5gul: 15/04/18 2110z
ea5gul: 15/04/18 2108z
m0hom:1740z: 73 from England - raining hr- what's new?!
m0hom: 15/04/18 1739z
tr8ca:1503z: hello hl3ehk ja8ejz fl8cp
tr8ca: 15/04/18 1503z
HL3EHK:0451z: Good Afternoon!
HL3EHK: 15/04/18 0450z
ja8ejz: 14/04/18 1159z
fk8cp:0905z: Bonsoir Alain
fk8cp: 14/04/18 0904z
tr8ca:0656z: hl3ehk hello today also it's raining in Gabon hi
tr8ca: 14/04/18 0656z
HL3EHK:0610z: Have a good weekend.
HL3EHK:0608z: Toda