RU3OW:1804z: Hi dear!
RU3OW: 30/11/18 1804z
tr8ca:0452z: f4ctj merci pour le qso hier soir en ft8 73
tr8ca: 30/11/18 0452z
F4CTJ: 29/11/18 1719z
AG5W: 28/11/18 0126z
tr8ca:0901z: bg3upa hello 21
tr8ca: 25/11/18 0901z
BG3UPA: 25/11/18 0652z
tr8ca:1251z: salut jean cbc
tr8ca: 24/11/18 1251z
f6cbc: 24/11/18 1021z
tr8ca:1923z: 192300 -19 0.4 2402 ~ TR8CA RU3OW KO91
192315 Tx 2373 ~ RU3OW TR8CA -19
192330 -18 0.4 2402 ~ TR8CA RU3OW KO91
tr8ca:1922z: i copied you but no answer waiting
tr8ca:1913z: do you rcvd me on 1840 ??
tr8ca:1913z: ok stby i am on 3573 with ry9c and back on 1840
pse.listen.1840+2400:1906z: ru3ow 1840+2400
pse.listen.1840+2400: 22/11/18 1905z
tr8ca:1902z: ru3ow hello
now r9gm -11 to -18
tr8ca: 22/11/18 1902z
RU3OW: 22/11/18 1901z 22/11/18 1305z
tr8ca:0513z: hola mar del plata
tr8ca:0512z: lw7edh tks for the qso gracias por el qso
tr8ca: 22/11/18 0512z
LW7EDH: 22/11/18 0511z
JA1BK.GEOm: 21/11/18 1941z
tr8ca: 21/11/18 1617z
BG3UPA: 21/11/18 1051z
IK8MID:2130z: Ciao from south Italy
IK8MID: 19/11/18 2130z
Ja1bk:2040z: GEOM 73
Ja1bk: 19/11/18 2040z
tr8ca:0515z: gm Zhao
tr8ca: 19/11/18 0515z
BG3UPA: 18/11/18 1137z
vk4jna:0827z: Thanks Alain! All the best, Josh
tr8ca:0755z: vk4jna tks for the qso this morning i will update eqsl lotw and qrzcq 73
tr8ca: 18/11/18 0755z
vk4jna:0714z: Today was successful! thanks for the QSO. I have uploaded to LOTW, Clublog and eQSL.
vk4jna: 18/11/18 0713z
BG3UPA:2200z: TR8CA 30 meters have spread
BG3UPA: 17/11/18 2134z
GL,.enjoy, 17/11/18 2110z
JA1BK.please.TX.1845..RX.1908:2110z: Please JA agb
JA1BK.please.TX.1845..RX.1908:2110z: Please JA agn
tr8ca:2107z: ok now 1845 simplex EU
BG3UPA:2107z: I'm waiting for 80 meters Alain
Thanks.Alain,.Yes,.I.know.about.the.clock,,.warming:2104z: I am spotting you now, 1845 CQ JA
Thanks.Alain,.Yes,.I.know.about.the.clock,,.warming: 17/11/18 2102z
tr8ca:2101z: ok tks qso now i call JA
il tuo orologio รจ sbagliato
IZ5MOQ:2100z: -09, -17 ||| You make my day
tr8ca:2100z: you can use network time synchronisation
tr8ca:2059z: your clock not soo good
1.3 seconde
IZ5MOQ:2059z: Fantastic, thanks RR73
tr8ca:2058z: 205800 -10 1.3 303 ~ TR8CA IZ5MOQ R-17
tr8ca:2058z: ok tks on my log
tr8ca:2057z: on 1845 you are on 300 hz
IZ5MOQ:2057z: Ok, started
tr8ca:2056z: 1845 yes
tr8ca:2056z: yes I know bg3upa
sor iz5moq plse call me
IZ5MOQ:2056z: I call you simplex? Ok? 1845
tr8ca: 17/11/18 2055z
BG3UPA:2055z: I often log on to your page
IZ5MOQ:2055z: I got your CQ JA, -17
tr8ca:2053z: bg3upa on my page try PRIVE
login GUEST and password guest
IZ5MOQ:2052z: 1845, now, listening
JA1BK.please.TX.1845..RX.1908:2052z: I am calling
tr8ca:2052z: do you receive me on 1845 iz5moq ??
IZ5MOQ:2051z: Hi Alain, ge. I am tuned on 160M and waiting for...
tr8ca:2050z: bg3upa your qth ?
BG3UPA:2049z: I have not 160 m antenna In the home
tr8ca:2049z: tx second 1848
hello iz5moq
IZ5MOQ: 17/11/18 2048z
JA1BK.please.TX.1845..RX.1908:2048z: Pleaseplease TX 1845. RX 1908
tr8ca:2048z: ok 1845 now tx
JA1BK.please.TX.1845..RX.1908: 17/11/18 2047z
BG3UPA:2047z: Very glad to meet you
tr8ca:2046z: i am on 1840 but no receive JA station this night i am on rx 1908
BG3UPA:2046z: HI

tr8ca:2045z: bg3upa hello
tr8ca: 17/11/18 2045z
BG3UPA:2045z: Hello Alain JA1BK are you on 1845? 17/11/18 2041z
tr8ca:2021z: back on 1840
tr8ca:2012z: qsy 1845
RU3OW: 17/11/18 2011z
tr8ca:2010z: 200945 -16 0.3 1208 ~ TR8CA SP3DOI -18
tr8ca:2008z: ru3ow did you rcv me ???
tr8ca:2006z: 200600 Tx 1159 ~ CQ TR8CA JJ40
tr8ca:2005z: no JA at the time

tr8ca:2005z: rx 1908
tx 1840 i am tx even and
df 1200 Please RX 1908 17/11/18 2003z 17/11/18 2003z
tr8ca:1957z: 195615 -14 0.6 2602 ~ HL3GOB 9A6W JN83
195645 -20 0.6 1005 ~ CQ JA R6AS KN85 ~EU Russia
hi.Alain.:1956z: I AM +1800
tr8ca:1954z: now on 1840 ft8
tr8ca: 17/11/18 1954z
hi.Alain.:1954z: Pse qso 160 m RU3OW
hi.Alain.: 17/11/18 1953z JA1BK GEOM 17/11/18 1946z
RU3OW:1942z: Hi !
RU3OW: 17/11/18 1941z
RU3OW: 17/11/18 1937z
BG3UPA:1150z: Hello Alain
tr8ca:1045z: now on 21074 ft8
tr8ca:1045z: I was at work at the airport
tr8ca:1045z: bg3upa hello i am here
tr8ca: 17/11/18 1045z
BG3UPA:1032z: Hello Alain
BG3UPA: 17/11/18 1032z
IZ5MOQ:0831z: Hello Alain, please try again the 160M tonite. GL and thank