OK2JC: 19/02/19 1653z
iz3zol:0830z: IZ3ZOL visit qrz.com
iz3zol: 19/02/19 0829z
IK8DDN: 19/02/19 0733z
yo4gjh:0539z: hello Alain, today looking for you again at 144
yo4gjh: 19/02/19 0539z
yo4gjh:1822z: nice copy, maybe try again later, thank you
yo4gjh: 18/02/19 1822z
yo4gjh:1658z: hello, good conditions for eme at 144 MHz, i wait for you, 73
yo4gjh: 18/02/19 1657z
tr8ca:1646z: c est bon pour ja0ciu
tr8ca: 18/02/19 1646z
tr8ca:1629z: j arrive de la plage tout va bien au village
tr8ca:1629z: oui bjr jean f6cbc
tr8ca: 18/02/19 1629z
f6cbc: 18/02/19 1535z
tr8ca: 18/02/19 0505z
BG8PA: 17/02/19 0708z
yo4gjh: 16/02/19 1647z
tr8ca:1506z: now in Libreville after 7 days out
tr8ca: 16/02/19 1506z
BG3UPA:1034z: ALAIN:I haven't seen you for days
BG3UPA: 16/02/19 1033z
je3grq:0913z: OK Thank you, See you in your MR today and KST chat.
je3grq: 16/02/19 0911z
KG6BXW: 16/02/19 0645z
tr8ca:0554z: py2xu you are on my log 160 ft8 73
tr8ca:0553z: k7zv ?? send the email pse
tr8ca:0552z: iz8dvd iy7ejb hello bonjour
tr8ca:0552z: bg3upa i can try today on 17m now in Libreville
tr8ca:0552z: dl9kr no problem 73
tr8ca:0551z: ja3grq ok i will try 50 16 fev
tr8ca: 16/02/19 0551z
je3grq:0247z: I will qrv 6m EME your MR 15:00UTC 16-Feb. If you can qrv,Could you listen and login ON4KST chat?
je3grq: 16/02/19 0245z
oe6mdf#: 15/02/19 1858z
hellow.alain: 15/02/19 1809z
BG3UPA: 11/02/19 2122z
DL9KR:1043z: Alain et Jean, je vous remerci BEAUCOUP!
DL9KR: 09/02/19 1043z
BG3UPA: 09/02/19 0636z
BG3UPA:0447z: Time to wake up
BG3UPA:0446z: hello Alain:get up
BG3UPA:0132z: hello Alain:Try 17 meters today
iu7ejb:2216z: Bonsoir Alain

iu7ejb: 08/02/19 2216z
iz8dvd:2003z: hello Alain

iz8dvd: 08/02/19 2002z
tr8ca:1950z: hello
tr8ca: 08/02/19 1950z
py2xu:1126z: tks lotw Alain top band 73

py2xu: 08/02/19 1125z
BG3UPA:0841z: Hello Alain..
BG3UPA: 08/02/19 0840z
ja2ndq: 08/02/19 0758z
K7ZV:0601z: 73
K7ZV:0559z: I sent you an email about a QSO.

K7ZV:0556z: Hello Alain... you here?

K7ZV: 08/02/19 0556z
tr8ca:0501z: hello bg3upa
BG3UPA: 08/02/19 0412z
TF4M:0006z: TNX new one on Top Band!
TF4M: 08/02/19 0006z
py2xu:0006z: Hello Allain!!! iam in the log 160 meters FT8?? 73 VAL PY2XU
py2xu: 08/02/19 0004z
sp7cdg:0004z: TR8CA Tnx Alain for QSO on 160 m.73 !! Jan
tr8ca:0003z: now qrt 73
tr8ca:0002z: sp7cdg logged
sp7cdg: 08/02/19 0002z
tr8ca:2356z: tf4m tks
pp5bk:2355z: i got your signal here, and sent mine, was a nice flare best 73 marcelo
tr8ca:2354z: pp5bk sorry no
pp5bk:2352z: hello dear friend , did you loged me in on 1840 tonight?
tr8ca:2351z: 1825
pp5bk: 07/02/19 2351z 07/02/19 2351z
tr8ca: 07/02/19 2348z
pa7two:1017z: @f6cbc GM OM Jean. My postparcel is on it's way today with 2$ :-)
pa7two:1015z: Test :-)

f6cbc:0938z: PA7TWO GM Your qsl direct with 1 IRC or any solution for postage expenses €/$ ...
Tnx Jean

f6cbc: 07/02/19 0933z
tr8ca:0852z: impossible from 9 to 15 feb because not in Libreville
tr8ca:0852z: hello kf2o tomorrow morning 05:00 1840 to 05:40
tr8ca: 07/02/19 0851z
kf2o:0357z: Alain can we make a sked to work on 1840 ?

kf2o: 07/02/19 0356z
pa7two:1243z: Test :-)

pa7two: 06/02/19 1243z
sp2jp: 06/02/19 0636z
sp2jp: 06/02/19 0635z
sq4nr:0515z: Thanks for another QSO (80m FT8 this time)
sq4nr: 06/02/19 0514z
tr8ca:1826z: 3583 ft8 jt65 jt9 cq
tr8ca: 05/02/19 1826z
dl3tc: 05/02/19 0517z
tr8ca:1827z: i move now on 1840
tr8ca:1827z: vk4ma hello Paul I need VK for first 160 but conditions are not soo good the wxes not good every day rain rain
tr8ca: 04/02/19 1826z
tr8ca:0635z: we can try this afternoon on 1.8 73 Paul
tr8ca:0635z: sorry no internet yesterday
tr8ca: 04/02/19 0634z
vk4ma:1853z: GM Alain - I am now qrv 1.840 ft8 until my sunrise at 1930z - Paul - vk4ma
vk4ma: 03/02/19 1851z
vu2msa: 03/02/19 1728z
BG3UPA:0804z: Alain: 73 goodbye
tr8ca:0802z: ok ok
BG3UPA:0802z: They're all my friends
tr8ca:0801z: happy new China year to you and yours
BG3UPA:0800z: Happy New Year to you and your family
tr8ca:0800z: 40 years ago in Gabon : 40 HAM
now only 3
tr8ca:0759z: today i contacted
bg3upa bd4sx bg2wrj bg2aue bh4qyx
BG3UPA:0759z: The day after tomorrow is the Chinese New Year.
BG3UPA:0758z: The common people live better,
So the number of HAM is increasing.
BG3UPA:0755z: High-speed rail is very convenient
tr8ca:0754z: I think very soon China men on the moon hi
tr8ca:0754z: fantastik
BG3UPA:0753z: China's high-speed railways are developing rapidly, with operating mileage less than 30000KM
tr8ca:0752z: we have time
tr8ca:0752z: in Gabon Libreville - Franceville 600 km about 13 hours
BG3UPA:0752z: The fastest is 350KM/HOUR
BG3UPA:0750z: YES
tr8ca:0750z: TGV is 300 km / hour
BG3UPA:0750z: Ok, I'll try.
tr8ca:0750z: like TGV in France