tr8ca:1758z: we will try an other qso on 15m maybe tomorrow
tr8ca:1758z: sorry no now i am on 50313 i have a big propgation with EU
n9ljx:1741z: yes it was a 15m qso

tr8ca:1634z: hello sorry df7dq now i am on 50313
n9ljx sorry no on m y log i think 15 m qso ?
tr8ca: 23/07/19 1633z
df7dq:1544z: will try it again later Alain.... you are doing a good job.... ;-)

df7dq:1538z: you gave me reports several times, but unfortunately never RR73, too bad, would be ODX on 6m
df7dq: 23/07/19 1537z
df7dq: 23/07/19 1534z
n9ljx:1530z: Alain, do you have N9LJX in your log on 15 jul, at 18:13UTC?

n9ljx: 23/07/19 1524z
tr8ca:1835z: 183352 -1 0.0 1505 + TR8CA <...> +11
tr8ca:1835z: SORRY i can't decode I rcv only <...>
tr8ca: 22/07/19 1835z
ut7uj: 22/07/19 1401z 22/07/19 1336z 22/07/19 1336z
tr8ca:0516z: sm1tde tks for 20m cw qso 73
dj8es hi
tr8ca: 22/07/19 0516z
SM1TDE:1718z: Thanks for the QSO on new band, 20m CW. Good signals in my vertical. 73 de Eric.
SM1TDE: 21/07/19 1718z
dj8es: 21/07/19 0719z
yo8ssb: 19/07/19 1708z
k1to:1436z: rrr Alain. Tres difficile. vy 73!
tr8ca:1415z: k1to ok but now i have bad conditions with EU
I am at 3000 km of 5t5

tr8ca: 19/07/19 1414z
k1to:1813z: Bjr Alain - I monitor your page all the time to see if you are on 6M. It looks like you worked ZD7 and SA earlier today - FB! I did finally work 5T5PA a few days ago. Will keep looking for you! Bon chance. 73, Dan
k1to: 18/07/19 1757z
uy5va: 18/07/19 0452z
tr8ca:1704z: read PCM
tr8ca:1704z: mm3cpm on my log 17 april 2006 06:15 z 20m 14080 rtty
tr8ca: 17/07/19 1702z
MM3PCM:1637z: Hi Alain,
Looking to get a qso with you confirmed details are : 16/05/06 @ 21:41 UTC on 20M RTTY are these details correct many tnx and 73s. MM3PCM/PETER.
MM3PCM: 17/07/19 1635z
tr8ca:0517z: yo5bin EME 144 bad conditions
n9ljx tks for 20m ft8 qso 73
tr8ca: 17/07/19 0516z
n9ljx:1844z: tnx 15m ft8 qso

n9ljx: 15/07/19 1844z
yo5bin: 11/07/19 1803z
it9car: 10/07/19 1734z
tr8ca:1657z: ga pse 14078 ft8
tr8ca: 10/07/19 1657z
tr8ca:0522z: ur5rcl tks 30m qso ft8
tr8ca:0521z: m0way tks ft4 qso
tr8ca: 10/07/19 0520z 09/07/19 2245z
UR5RCL:1954z: Yeah, right QSO: 2019-07-08 17:18 30 m TF8. Meet on the air again. UR5RCL Evgen 73!
UR5RCL: 09/07/19 1953z
M0WAY:1923z: Hi Alain, thanks for the QSO on FT4 BIG signal from you. 73
M0WAY: 09/07/19 1922z
tr8ca:1743z: the qso was yesterday on 30M ?
tr8ca:1742z: ur5rcl hello are you there?
tr8ca: 09/07/19 1741z
UR5RCL:1721z: Hello Alain!
Thank you for QSO.
All the best to your, good lauck and good DX 73!
UR5RCL Evgen.
UR5RCL: 09/07/19 1707z
UR5RCL: 08/07/19 1915z
tr8ca:1649z: move on 14153 ssb
tr8ca:1647z: salut jean je te vois Eysines ...
tr8ca: 08/07/19 1646z
tr8ca:1758z: hello PY7FJ where are you ? 21074 ???
tr8ca: 07/07/19 1758z
PY7FJ.73.MR..ALAIN: 07/07/19 1747z
tr8ca:0533z: bonjour
tr8ca: 06/07/19 0533z
f6cbc: 04/07/19 0849z
tr8ca:2013z: now on 3573
tr8ca: 03/07/19 2013z
ja9fai: 03/07/19 2006z
tr8ca:1828z: ok 20z
tr8ca:1813z: hello ja9fai i can try this night 73
tr8ca: 03/07/19 1813z
ja9fai:0931z: 20z 80m If you have time.
ja9fai: 03/07/19 0929z
rw0ll: 30/06/19 1638z
4z5av: 29/06/19 0656z
s57nml:1914z: Alain good info you will be QRV soon on QO-100. Do you need any help?

s57nml: 28/06/19 1913z
i8qju:1700z: bon soire mon ami
i8qju: 28/06/19 1700z
tr8ca:1422z: bg3upa ok bi4bst 73
tr8ca: 28/06/19 1422z
G4HGV: 27/06/19 1658z
BG3UPA:1422z: BI4SDT TR8CA 18100 [LoTW] TNX QSO 73
BG3UPA: 27/06/19 1422z
ve3vhb:2052z: Guess not, heavy QRN nearby thunderstorm....must QRT! Would like to try again some time for a new band SVP.
ve3vhb: 26/06/19 2050z
ve3vhb:2038z: Could we try 30M CW (NOT FT8!) at 2045Z 10105?
ve3vhb: 26/06/19 2037z de W3DF ...Merci beaucoup Alain... new one on 30M
tr8ca:1929z: cq cq 10125
tr8ca:1929z: 10125
tr8ca:1929z: yes i can 30cw W#DF... Can you do CW on 30M?
tr8ca:1926z: tks for the qso you are now on my log
tr8ca:1925z: i change now ft4
pse install last wsjt-x version 2.1.0-rc7
tr8ca:1924z: ok tks -10 you are on my log now
tr8ca:1923z: i copy you calling W3DF 10140 + 1014 Hz
tr8ca:1922z: i see a ft8 carrier
tr8ca:1922z: finsish qso with iV3
tr8ca:1922z: 2000 hz free here
tr8ca:1921z: ok move on 140 ft8
i will change ft8 140 ok W3DF )K... im on FT8

tr8ca:1920z: i am on 10140 ft4 can you move on this freq pse i need your call
tr8ca: 26/06/19 1919z 10.135.7 + 1000 Hz 10.136 + 1000 hz 26/06/19 1913z
OK.about.1915.utc.ok?: 26/06/19