mm3pcm: 21/10/18 1833z
tr8ca:0734z: jh7iaj tks for the qso hi
tr8ca: 21/10/18 0734z
jh7iaj:0720z: hello alan tks 10136 qso
jh7iaj: 21/10/18 0719z
tr8ca:1843z: bg3upa hello
kb4kbs tks for the second qso on ft8 m ode 73 lotw and eqsl updated
tr8ca: 20/10/18 1843z
f6cbc: 20/10/18 1537z
KB4KBS:1430z: Merci pour FB FT8 QSO 20-OCT-18 sur 15m. Mon deuxième QSO avec TR8CA et mon premier QSO utilisant FT8 avec le Gabon.

KB4KBS: 20/10/18 1427z
BG3UPA:0730z: hello tr8ca
BG3UPA: 20/10/18 0730z
tr8ca:1758z: hello rw3sk and ua3ptw
tr8ca: 19/10/18 1758z
ua3ptw: 19/10/18 1735z
rw3sk: 19/10/18 1734z
tr8ca:0502z: hola clic on qsl tr8ca on this page 73 ea3fp
tr8ca: 16/10/18 0501z
ea3fp:1758z: Has anybody email adres of F6CBC?

ea3fp: 15/10/18 1757z
tr8ca:0517z: now 3573 ft8 05:17z
tr8ca:0516z: ja1plt gm
tr8ca:0516z: sp3qdm hello
tr8ca:0516z: bg3upa sorry 22-23z very late
tr8ca: 15/10/18 0516z
ja1plt: 15/10/18 0220z
sp3qdm:2133z: hello

sp3qdm: 14/10/18 2133z
LU9OTA: 14/10/18 1757z
BG3UPA:1527z: and 10136

BG3UPA:1526z: UTC 22-23 TRY 3573?
BG3UPA: 14/10/18 1525z
BG3UPA:1045z: thank you
BG3UPA: 14/10/18 1044z
oe1tks:1019z: sorry no copy

oe1tks: 14/10/18 1019z
oe1tks:1009z: 24.916 FT8
tr8ca:1008z: oe1tks hello
tr8ca:1008z: bg3upa tks qso on 24 ft8
oe1tks:1008z: hello from austria

tr8ca:1008z: hello
tr8ca: 14/10/18 1007z
oe1tks: 14/10/18 1007z
bg3upa:0858z: TNX 12M QSO

bg3upa: 14/10/18 0857z
jh7iaj:1906z: also tks 73 now -13
tr8ca:1904z: 73 tks
jh7iaj:1904z: alan now -18
jh7iaj:1903z: Thank you for today. I will do qsy. Thank you
tr8ca:1900z: ok eqsl lotw and qsl manager f6cbc
jh7iaj:1858z: Alan QSO Thank you very much. I will send qsl
tr8ca:1857z: ja0rug toshi
tr8ca:1855z: 185445 -17 0.8 1105 ~ TR8CA JH7IAJ RRR
185445 -2 0.2 650 ~ TR8CA YT9A KN04

tr8ca:1855z: ok qso on my log now rr
jh7iaj:1854z: rev -19
jh7iaj:1853z: alan you -24
tr8ca:1852z: 185215 -19 0.8 1105 ~ TR8CA JH7IAJ -24
tr8ca:1851z: cq tx even
tr8ca:1850z: cq 3573 ft8
tr8ca:1848z: i finish on 10136 and qsy on 3573

jh7iaj:1836z: iam 3573 calll you rev -18
jh7iaj:1832z: hello alan

jh7iaj: 13/10/18 1832z
tr8ca:1823z: now cq 3573
tr8ca: 13/10/18 1823z
tr8ca:1749z: hello 3573
tr8ca: 13/10/18 1749z
s56lxb: 13/10/18 0658z
w9ie: 13/10/18 0420z
jh7iaj:1844z: ok alan OK tomorrow 19z 3573 I will show you cq. Thanking you in advance.
tr8ca:1842z: tomorrow will be ok
tr8ca:1841z: sorry no my antenna in ground
tr8ca: 12/10/18 1841z
jh7iaj:1841z: hello alan 3573 qrv ??
tr8ca:1840z: jh7iaj
tr8ca:1840z: hello

tr8ca: 12/10/18 1839z
jh7iaj:1835z: Alain Are you here now?
jh7iaj: 12/10/18 1835z
ZL3NW: 11/10/18 0148z
tr8ca:0511z: tks qso iw2myh hi
tr8ca: 10/10/18 0511z
iw2myh:0450z: Many thanks for QSO . 73!!
iw2myh:0435z: i listen you -8

iw2myh:0434z: good morning Alain
iw2myh: 10/10/18 0433z
f6cbc: 09/10/18 0919z
jh2dpn: 09/10/18 0827z
f6cbc: 07/10/18 1434z
tr8ca:1710z: f6cbc is my qsl manager pse no qsl directly here in gabon
tr8ca:1710z: py7dj hello can you try a message at f6cbc at
tr8ca: 06/10/18 1709z
py7dj:0332z: Hello Alain how are you .. thanks a lot for all qsos .. aways booming in PY .. do you accept paypal to qsl direct? best 73
py7dj: 05/10/18 0331z
tr8ca:1358z: rz1as hello

tr8ca: 02/10/18 1358z
rz1as: 01/10/18 1718z
tr8ca:1456z: cs7apd bonsoir tks qso on 21
tr8ca:1453z: bonjour qui est de Toulouse ?
tr8ca: 01/10/18 1453z
tr8ca: 01/10/18 1453z
cs7apd:1658z: tu qso alain in 21 Mhz 73

cs7apd: 30/09/18 1658z
dl9kr:1951z: Merci Alain! Please send info date/time/QRG/sequence/period length. Checking email. 73+
dl9kr: 29/09/18 1949z
tr8ca:1823z: hola
tr8ca: 29/09/18 1823z
tr8ca:1758z: Oslo helloo
tr8ca: 29/09/18 1758z
tr8ca: 29/09/18 1757z
tr8ca: 29/09/18 1755z
tr8ca:1751z: iw4ard tks for qso this morning 73
tr8ca:1751z: dl9kr rcvd your email ok i will try on 432 cw
tr8ca: 29/09/18 1750z
IW4ARD: 29/09/18 1508z IW4ARD IW4ARD: TR8CA TNX EME QSO this morning 29/09/18 1503z
IW4ARD: 29/09/18 1501z
dl9kr:2120z: TNX info! Email will follow.73

dl9kr: 28/09/18 2119z
tr8ca:1722z: dl9kr I use my Satellite VHF UHF antennas and 70 deg was ok 100 percents
tr8ca: 28/09/18 1721z
dl9kr:1513z: Hi Alain. For planning purposes: Can you go to 70 degs elevation on your 70cm yagi?
dl9kr: 28/09/18 1512z
tr8ca:1848z: waiting few minutes
tr8ca:1848z: good evening oe3nfc I am on 144139 but moon is at -80 el
tr8ca: 27/09/18 1846z
oe3nfc: 27/09/18 1835z sdfsd 27/09/18 1835z
on7uc: 26/09/18 1723z
f6cbc: 26/09/18 1202z
ik1uwl: 25/09/18 2112z
G4FUF:1911z: M