ok,.polarity.is.the.issue..Look.for.you.later,.73: 21/09/18 1820z
tr8ca:1818z: I stop my friend tomorrow
tr8ca:1816z: on skype tr8ca-alain
still.calling: 21/09/18 1815z
tr8ca:1814z: lost now
tr8ca:1807z: i copy your trace -27 but no decode pse continue
yes,.but.fading.again: 21/09/18 1807z
tr8ca:1805z: you on -26 hz
tr8ca: 21/09/18 1805z
G4FUF:1801z: call again -26
G4FUF:1800z: call again -26
G4FUF:1733z: polarity problem, 45 deg, 1-way
tr8ca:1728z: about my sig ?
G4FUF:1720z: QSB
tr8ca:1713z: waiting for you
G4FUF:1710z: weak, but see you
tr8ca:1616z: ok G4FUG
yo3cbz hello
tr8ca: 21/09/18 1616z
YO3CBZ: 21/09/18 1554z
G4FUF:1457z: moonrise here is ~17:10z. will be looking
tr8ca:1427z: 14:45 z in 40 min
tr8ca:1425z: hello G4FUF moonrise at
tr8ca: 21/09/18 1425z
G4FUF:1358z: wiil look for you again at moonrise today
G4FUF: 21/09/18 1358z
tr8ca:1239z: tks for qso ok1il try
tr8ca: 21/09/18 1238z
f6cbc: 21/09/18 0906z 21/09/18 0906z
ok1il:2010z: Hello Alain thanks for QSO and
ok1il: 20/09/18 2009z
G4FUF:1941z: QRV ?
G4FUF: 20/09/18 1941z
f6cbc: 20/09/18 1150z
tr8ca:1838z: wsjt-x new version 2.0 beta
tr8ca:1830z: oh3klj hello
tr8ca: 19/09/18 1830z
oh3klj:1807z: Alain 2m EME qsl-card rx today Tnx 73
oh3klj: 19/09/18 1806z 19/09/18 1805z
tr8ca:1347z: ru3ow hello
vk4ma I have bad conditions on 160 better on 80m
I will be this night on160 I hope to contact you but i rcv only Italian stations
tr8ca: 19/09/18 1346z
RU3OW:0848z: Hello!
RU3OW: 19/09/18 0848z
vk4ma:0658z: Hello Alain - I see you spot me on topband yesterday - did you copy my signal in TR land? Paul - vk4ma
vk4ma: 19/09/18 0657z
tr8ca:0519z: update lotw and eqsl now
tr8ca:0518z: k9mm hello happy for you
tr8ca: 19/09/18 0518z
k9mm:0507z: TU for #283 on 80m!

k9mm:0500z: +2432
k9mm:0500z: Calling you on 80M FT8, Alain.

k9mm: 19/09/18 0456z
tr8ca:0449z: ok waiting oct
tr8ca: 19/09/18 0448z
DL9KR:2010z: Merci Alain, les condx en Oct 4-7 sont tres bonnes.
Je vais envoyer un e-mail avec details. 73!
DL9KR: 18/09/18 2008z
tr8ca:1932z: vk4ma pse 1840
tr8ca: 18/09/18 1932z
tr8ca:1826z: attention, only 50w and 21 ele
tr8ca:1825z: hello DK9KR i can make test with you but on octobre 73
tr8ca: 18/09/18 1825z
DL9KR:1351z: Cher Alain, any chance to work you on 70cm EME CW? Good condx Oct-04/07. Have worked single yagi/qrp. 73 de Jan
DL9KR: 18/09/18 1349z 18/09/18 0927z
tr8ca:1822z: dg7vd hello
f6cbc j ai mis l ancien log en ligne
tr8ca: 17/09/18 1822z
DG4VD: 17/09/18 0952z
f6cbc: 17/09/18 0819z
tr8ca:0724z: Hello Meijel
tr8ca: 16/09/18 0724z
tr8ca:1603z: IU5IFQ sorry I don't find ur qso 10 april 2018 mode time ?
tr8ca: 15/09/18 1603z
IU5IFQ:1440z: please confirm my qso of 10 april 2018

IU5IFQ: 15/09/18 1439z
f6cbc: 15/09/18 1035z
tr8ca:0650z: vk4ma ok I will try 19z this night 73
tr8ca: 15/09/18 0649z
Hello.Alain.-.I.am.qrv.1.840.FT8.from.1900z.to.2000z.today.-.Cheers.Paul.vk4ma: 14/09/18 1851z
f6cbc: 13/09/18 1159z
tr8ca:1939z: w2dbl tks lotw and eqsl ok now
tr8ca: 12/09/18 1938z
Tnx.for.EME.QSO:1836z: Tnx for eme qso de W2LPL ( W2DBL)
Tnx.for.EME.QSO: 12/09/18 1836z
f6cbc: 12/09/18 1222z
tr8ca:1902z: sorry mistake hi me tr8ca Alain
tr8ca: 11/09/18 1902z
dk3wg:1902z: tks for the qso very good dk3wg
dk3wg: 11/09/18 1901z
DK3WG: 11/09/18 1639z
tr8ca:0515z: IK1UWL merci pour le qso via la lune - tks EME contact 73
tr8ca: 11/09/18 0514z
IK1UWL:1938z: Merci pointe contest e nouveau dxcc.
IK1UWL: 10/09/18 1937z
tr8ca:0445z: gm 7074
tr8ca: 10/09/18 0445z
tr8ca:1814z: SM ge
tr8ca: 09/09/18 1814z
tr8ca:1500z: oh3klj tks qso via moon
tr8ca: 09/09/18 1500z
oh3klj:1003z: Tnx qso 73 de Mika
oh3klj: 08/09/18 1002z
F5GHP:1341z: Bonjour Alain
je regarde 139 mais rien :)
Quel est ton setup ?
73 QRO
F5GHP: 07/09/18 1340z
tr8ca:1924z: ha8ce hello good evening
tr8ca: 05/09/18 1924z
ha8ce: 05/09/18 1828z
f6cbc: 05/09/18 1002z
lz1ku:0512z: 73! tnx!

lz1ku: 05/09/18 0512z
f6cbc: 04/09/18 0855z
F6HRP: 03/09/18 1929z
tr8ca:1721z: i2rv lz2fo oh7pi hello de tr8ca alain see you via the moon
tr8ca: 03/09/18 1721z
oh7pi:1600z: oh2bc
oh7pi: 03/09/18 1557z
lz2fo: 03/09/18 1010z
2fak: 03/09/18 0849z
i2rv:0843z: 2rv
i2rv:0842z: i2rv
i2rv: 03/09/18 0841z
YO3CBZ: 03/09/18 0457z
tr8ca:1715z: i2rv hello de tr8ca
i2rv: 02/09/18 1502z
tr8ca:1342z: cq ao-07
tr8ca:1327z: on4khg merci tks
tr8ca:1327z: ok1il only 500w and one antenna i0jxx polar H
tr8ca:1326z: f4djk ca passait tres bien à Libreville
tr8ca: 02/09/18 1326z
F4DJK:0940z: Merci pour le qso 144mhz EME 73 et bonne chance!
F4DJK: 02/09/18 0939z
ok1il:0840z: Alain how is your 2m station svp ?
ok1il: 02/09/18 0838z
ok1il:0812z: BJR Ala