tr8ca:1702z: m1cec sorry i did rcv my report on 40 m maybe this afternoon 73
tr8ca: 22/01/18 1701z
tr8ca:1649z: ok merci Jean CBC
tr8ca: 22/01/18 1649z
f6cbc:1310z: 11 QSL FT8 parties... A plus tard

f6cbc: 22/01/18 1249z
g0dqs: 22/01/18 0023z
M1cec:2111z: Good evening, very deep qsb took out our ft8 contact but your report was -20
M1cec: 21/01/18 2110z
hl3ehk:1257z: Have a good weekend.
hl3ehk:1256z: GM OM
hl3ehk: 21/01/18 1256z
G4AQG: 21/01/18 1201z
ru3ow:1119z: Sorry today not qso on 80 and 160 m. Next Saturday ok?
ru3ow: 21/01/18 1118z
oz8abe:1000z: ok Alain, 73 de Bo oz8abe
oz8abe: 21/01/18 1000z
tr8ca:0655z: oz8abe hello sorry no transeiver on 60m
tr8ca: 21/01/18 0654z
oz8abe:0540z: Hi Alain. TNX for many QSO's. Is it possible for you to work on 60m ?
oz8abe: 21/01/18 0539z
RU3OW:0316z: NEW
RU3OW:0316z: NEW
RU3OW: 21/01/18 0316z
RU3OW: 21/01/18 0316z
RU3OW: 20/01/18 2223z
RU3OW: 20/01/18 2223z
bg3upa:2120z: GE
bg3upa: 20/01/18 2116z
RU3OW: 20/01/18 2057z
ik3vuu:2021z: Hi Alain, pse lns for me on 160m TNX
ik3vuu: 20/01/18 2020z
tr8ca:1954z: now rk4f ua6bew us7vf and ra3qk on 1840
tr8ca:1954z: in one hour
tr8ca:1954z: yes later possible
RU3OW:1950z: it is possible later?
tr8ca:1948z: sorry not copy you Yuri
tr8ca:1947z: cq cq
tr8ca:1946z: I am TX EVEN
tr8ca:1946z: ok i will listen
RU3OW:1945z: i am RU3OW on 1500
tr8ca:1944z: rx ra3qk on 1902 for JA
tr8ca:1944z: -11 very good

tr8ca:1943z: 194315 -11 -0.1 1785 ~ HL3GOB RA3QK 73
tr8ca:1943z: tx even 1840 +1500
tr8ca:1942z: now on 1840 but I don't if propagation at the time
tr8ca:1941z: probleme with Internet connection few minutes ago
tr8ca:1941z: ok I will try 160 I finish tx ing on 40
tr8ca: 20/01/18 1940z
RU3OW:1935z: sorry
RU3OW: 20/01/18 1935z
df1mb: 20/01/18 1931z
RU3OW:1916z: ????
RU3OW:1912z: you copy my call?
RU3OW:1912z: you copy my call?
RU3OW:1906z: need 160 m
RU3OW:1902z: you copy?
RU3OW:1902z: you copy?
tr8ca:1858z: do you need qso on other band ?
tr8ca:1858z: Yuri I have your name now
tr8ca:1857z: 3573 tx even +1000
tr8ca:1856z: ok listening for you RU3OW de tr8ca Alain
RU3OW:1856z: pse freq
tr8ca:1856z: now on 3573

RU3OW:1856z: i wait you
RU3OW:1856z: i wait you
RU3OW: 20/01/18 1855z
tr8ca:1855z: ru3ow and g7nql tks merci
tr8ca: 20/01/18 1855z
G7NQL:1808z: Salut, bien DX de G7NQL
G7NQL: 20/01/18 1808z
RU3OW:1714z: H dear !
RU3OW: 20/01/18 1713z
tr8ca:1403z: je fais
tr8ca: 20/01/18 1400z
f6cbc: 20/01/18 1350z
tr8ca:1349z: oui vas y Jean je vais essayer de te lire
tr8ca:1347z: f6cbc je ne vois pas
tr8ca:1347z: f6cbc je ne vois pas
tr8ca: 20/01/18 1347z
f6cbc: 20/01/18 1242z
vk6hz: 20/01/18 0743z
tr8ca:2021z: now on ft8 1840
tr8ca: 19/01/18 2021z
RU3OW:1754z: Hi Alain!
RU3OW: 19/01/18 1753z
tr8ca:1723z: I contacted you on 160 and 80
tr8ca:1722z: ga us7im
tr8ca: 19/01/18 1722z
us7im: 19/01/18 1521z
kf2o:0513z: Hi Alain
can you try a sked now on 160 FT*?
Hank KF2O
kf2o: 19/01/18 0513z
BG3UPA:2335z: tr8ca:QRT?

BG3UPA:2334z: tr8ca 80?ft8
BG3UPA: 18/01/18 2332z
TR8CA: 18/01/18 2332z
i8qju:2313z: Alain tu es là dans 80mt?
i8qju:2301z: 3.573- ils écoutent mais ne décodent pas
i8qju: 18/01/18 2258z
bg3upa:2055z: tr8ca:The best time to connect 80 meters is in UTC23: 00-24:00.
bg3upa: 18/01/18 2050z
RU3OW:1923z: Very good! I am wait Saturday.YURI
RU3OW:1923z: Very good! I am wait Saturday.YURI
RU3OW: 18/01/18 1922z
tr8ca:1835z: cq cq 3573 ft8
tr8ca:1834z: ru3ow my amplifier is OK now
tr8ca: 18/01/18 1834z
RU3OW:0738z: It is very important AMP. I wish success under repair.
RU3OW: 18/01/18 0738z
tr8ca:0533z: this I was on 160 at 03h but problems : bad wx and trouble on my amplifier I must repare
tr8ca:0532z: ru3ow and dl2fcb hello
tr8ca: 18/01/18 0532z
dl2fcb: 18/01/18 0506z
RU3OW:1920z: I wait for Saturday!
RU3OW: 17/01/18 1916z
hi.Alain.:1915z: de RU3OW
hi.Alain.: 17/01/18 1915z
tr8ca:1853z: je suis sur 3573
tr8ca: 17/01/18 1853z
f6cbc:1312z: Bonjour Alain merci pour l'ami japonais...La qsl est repartie.A ce soir... 73
f6cbc: 17/01/18 1310z
bg3upa:0858z: tr8ca:Ok understand
bg3upa: 17/01/18 0855z
tr8ca:0530z: maybe in one hour it will be fine on 160
ik3vuu:1931z: 2 days ago I decode you very fine for maybe 1 hour

ik3vuu:1929z: Yes Alain, noting for now on cw
tr8ca:1929z: maybe in one hour it will be fine on 160
tr8ca:1928z: but sigs are weaks
tr8ca:1928z: i am on 1825 cw
ik3vuu:1918z: Tnx Alain, after VK SR I'm waiting

tr8ca:1917z: ok ik3vuu possible
tr8ca: 16/01/18 1917z
ik3vuu:1909z: Hi Alan, after 80m could you pls try 160m FT8?

ik3vuu: 16/01/18 1811z
n0irm: 16/01/18 1712z
f6cln: 16/01/18 1649z
tr8ca:1447z: dear bg3upa
tr8ca:1446z: i can move on other freq like 3570 or 3580
tr8ca: 16/01/18 1446z
bg3upa:1112z: tr8ca:I'm 300W ,I have str