zl4tt:0548z: Maybe tomorrow... Vy 73, Paul

zl4tt:0533z: GM Alain, any chance we can try 40m CW please??
zl4tt: 26/04/17 0533z
tr8ca:1900z: 3576
1859 -24 1.4 539 # CQ DO1JMA JO40

tr8ca:1856z: k
sm4dhf:1856z: ok there was also a Russian calling CQ on JT9
tr8ca:1855z: tks my friend now qsy on 3576
tr8ca:1855z: nada
sm4dhf:1855z: O Well tnx Alain not possible
Will listen for you 3576
tr8ca:1854z: ok i am on 1840
tr8ca:1854z: ok i am on 1840
sm4dhf:1854z: ok
sm4dhf:1854z: now txing jt9 1840
tr8ca:1854z: nil here
tr8ca:1853z: in few minutes i will go on 3576
sm4dhf:1853z: nex 18:54 then 18:56 on JT9
tr8ca:1852z: yes try again
sm4dhf:1852z: ok will call TR8CA SM4DHF a couple of minutes on JT9 1840 USB
tr8ca:1851z: yes in winter now it is too late
tr8ca:1850z: impossible to receive on4kst chat now
sm4dhf:1850z: Maybe after Summer sept-oct-nov?
tr8ca:1849z: i move on 1838 jt65
sm4dhf:1849z: OK I stopped TX now. Not possible
Thanks for trying
tr8ca:1848z: or jt65 did you rcv
tr8ca:1848z: any jt9 station ???
tr8ca:1847z: no station here jt9 and jt65 also cw
sm4dhf:1847z: 6 stations
sm4dhf:1846z: o you see any statiion there are stations transmitting on jt65
tr8ca:1846z: ok 1200
sm4dhf:1845z: 1200 watts here
I have very quet location
tr8ca:1844z: ok 918
tr8ca:1844z: jt9 offset 800- 1000 hz
sm4dhf:1843z: 918
tr8ca:1843z: as you want ok jt9 1840
sm4dhf:1843z: aha maybe jt9 better?

tr8ca:1843z: your offset ?
tr8ca:1842z: only noise on 1838
tr8ca:1842z: Iam here sm4dhf
sm4dhf:1841z: calling TR8CA SM4DHF now even minute
sm4dhf: 25/04/17 1841z
ok.will.send.even.minute: 25/04/17 1837z
tr8ca:1834z: now stby rx on 1838 jt65
tr8ca:1825z: dl4bha ??? hello
tr8ca: 25/04/17 1825z
dl4bha: 25/04/17 1815z
tr8ca: 25/04/17 1709z
tr8ca: 25/04/17 1656z
tr8ca: 25/04/17 1454z
tr8ca: 25/04/17 1454z
tr8ca:1427z: ok jt65 1838
sm4dhf:1251z: OK I can call cqdx at 1845 UT on 1838 JT65
Sunset here is 1836 UT
sm4dhf: 25/04/17 1248z
tr8ca:1239z: i can try sm4dhf on 1800 but i don't know if propagation
tr8ca: 25/04/17 1239z
f6cbc: 25/04/17 1208z
sm4dhf:0331z: 5Z/DL2RMC last night
sm4dhf:0331z: Hi Alain! Any chance for a 160m JT65 qso around 19-20z:
Vy strong signals from 5 last night
sm4dhf: 25/04/17 0329z
tr8ca:1521z: bjr Jean je suis la par contre a 9z je suis au boulot
tr8ca: 24/04/17 1456z
f6cbc: 24/04/17 0856z 24/04/17 0855z
tr8ca:0551z: sorry I can stay at home go to the airport 73
tr8ca: 24/04/17 0550z
zl4tt:0545z: Hope you enjoyed your dinks! Will keep trying. Vy 73, Paul
zl4tt: 24/04/17 0544z
tr8ca:1518z: psk63
tr8ca:1518z: 14074
tr8ca:1517z: hello GCI
F6GCI: 23/04/17 1514z
tr8ca:1450z: Sorry zl4tt but at 18:30 z I will go drink a shot in a bar following the results of elections in france
tr8ca: 23/04/17 1449z
zl4tt:1004z: Sorry, Alain, too late... no hurry! Will be QRV at 1830z if youre around. Vy 73, Paul
tr8ca:0637z: zl4tt hello too late ?
tr8ca: 23/04/17 0637z
zl4tt: 23/04/17 0524z
zl4tt:0523z: GM Alain

zl4tt: 23/04/17 0522z
tr8ca:1610z: I am here hello rtty 21094
tr8ca: 22/04/17 1610z
g3jfs: 22/04/17 1413z
sv1aoz:1307z: Hi Alain...
sv1aoz: 22/04/17 1306z
SV8ANW:0900z: Good morning,
Alain very nice page, congragulations!!!!!!
SV8ANW: 22/04/17 0859z
tr8ca:0638z: cq 14040
tr8ca:0612z: now 7002
tr8ca:0612z: can you try 7 cw
tr8ca:0611z: but I can try now on 7
tr8ca:0611z: ok maybe tomorrow SR 05:16 in Gabon
ZL4TT:0611z: Am cooking dinner tonite (local time 0610z) will contact you tomorrow and see if you are QRV.

ZL4TT:0609z: Hi Alain, I hope we can make a Q, I need zone 36 for WAZ on 40m. Think around your sunrise on 40m would be best??

tr8ca:0554z: I was on 3576 jt65 only SA stations
tr8ca:0554z: zl4tt hello GA or GE
tr8ca: 22/04/17 0553z
ZL4TT:0511z: GM Alain, guess you are back in TR??
ZL4TT: 22/04/17 0511z
tr8ca: 18/04/17 1608z
dk1oz: 17/04/17 1719z
tr8ca: 17/04/17 1507z
tr8ca:1459z: ok1din tks for the qso
tr8ca: 17/04/17 1458z
OK1DIN: 17/04/17 1450z
f6cbc: 17/04/17 1155z
tr8ca:1349z: gm bjr
tr8ca: 16/04/17 0642z
dl1npg: 15/04/17 1120z
f6cbc: 15/04/17 0755z
tr8ca:0755z: lenteur dans la connexion internet ici
tr8ca: 15/04/17 0754z
tr8ca:1535z: maintenant sur 28076 jt65
tr8ca:1531z: salut Jean j etais sur 18 puis 24 cw
tr8ca: 14/04/17 1531z
f6cbc: 14/04/17 1410z
tr8ca:1716z: ge 10114 cq
tr8ca: 13/04/17 1716z
tr8ca:0111z: iv3gos hello
tr8ca: 13/04/17 0111z
iv3gos: 11/04/17 1620z
tr8ca:0915z: bonjour - good morning from France - Back in Gabon 13 apr
tr8ca: 11/04/17 0914z bonjour 10/04/17 1115z
4tr8ca:1108z: salut jean je viens de voir ta connexion
4tr8ca: 10/04/17 1108z
4f6cbc: 10/04/17 0913z
4tr8ca:0647z: gm
4tr8ca: 10/04/17 0647z
7151.55.155.74: 09/04/17 1307z
4tr8ca:0917z: f1eqo change de login