f6cbc: 23/03/18 1343z
RU3OW:1153z: Hi Alain! Today you in air? I need 160 m/ 73! YURI
RU3OW: 23/03/18 1152z
f4gdo: 21/03/18 0727z
k9mm:0447z: Calling you on 3573 +1850 FT8
k9mm:0445z: GM, Alain, are uou available on 80?

k9mm: 21/03/18 0441z
js3udr: 21/03/18 0154z
iz4bow: 20/03/18 2145z
hc2ao: 20/03/18 1413z
fk8cp: 20/03/18 0115z
tr8ca: 19/03/18 2129z
hc2ao:2017z: Alain, if possible please QRV tomorrow at 2000 UTC . It seems to be the best time for both 24 and 17 m betwe us. Thank you. 73

hc2ao:2011z: still fb copy on TN5R
hc2ao: 19/03/18 2001z
hc2ao:1954z: TN5R and 3C0W both worked now 24

hc2ao:1935z: Alain... 3c0w vy loud now on 24
hc2ao:1737z: 3с0 559 on 24906
hc2ao:1731z: ok I will check in around 2000 Z here
tr8ca:1730z: ok
hc2ao:1728z: PY2, CX they are on the equator )))
hc2ao:1728z: merci...

hc2ao:1727z: if you will be awake please ry at 2000 Z mer
tr8ca:1727z: py2bt
hc2ao:1727z: Alain I worked TN and TJ and 3С at 2000 on 17
hc2ao:1726z: yes... I hear no one in SA
tr8ca:1723z: is 24905 free ?
hc2ao:1723z: I QSY too and will monitor
tr8ca:1722z: yes I txd HC
tr8ca:1722z: back on 24905
hc2ao:1721z: you sent HC
hc2ao:1720z: yes I hear your callers
hc2ao:1720z: thanks for trying, now I know your chat room will check from time to time. I hopewe catch a good opening equator to equator
tr8ca:1719z: few stations calling me but not copy you
hc2ao:1719z: I hear you 539
hc2ao:1718z: I called a few times but I think I'm not making it to TR today

hc2ao:1718z: we need more propagation
hc2ao:1717z: cq again
hc2ao:1716z: calling
hc2ao:1716z: yes
tr8ca:1715z: any sig ?
hc2ao:1715z: lsng
tr8ca:1715z: cq cq cq
tr8ca:1714z: 18085
tr8ca:1713z: fy5ke
hc2ao:1712z: ok let's try 17
hc2ao:1712z: I will standing by... maybe a peak
tr8ca:1712z: i can try on 18
hc2ao:1711z: I hear you but vy weak
tr8ca:1711z: into a levy
tr8ca:1711z: 500w
tr8ca:1711z: calling on 24891
tr8ca:1711z: band open now with EU
hc2ao:1711z: vy weak ... at the moment

tr8ca:1710z: now 24891
hc2ao:1710z: yesterday you were 579
tr8ca:1710z: 24891

hc2ao:1709z: Alain, 24891

tr8ca:1708z: give an oher freq
hc2ao:1708z: EC7ABV is 579

hc2ao:1707z: I have a carrier on 24899-249

tr8ca:1707z: xcq cq 24899
tr8ca:1707z: sorry pb on internet now ok
tr8ca: 19/03/18 1707z
hc2ao:1706z: no, no copy today ((

hc2ao:1705z: RR I will listen

tr8ca:1705z: i am on 24899 with EU
hc2ao:1705z: cq now 24891 if you hear me

hc2ao:1704z: i worked 3c0w on 17 but vy vy weak

tr8ca:1703z: hello
hc2ao:1703z: hello Alain
we can try 12rs if possible
tr8ca:1656z: on ft8 i rcvd py v51 pu cx
tr8ca:1654z: 895 busy 899 cq
tr8ca:1653z: we can try on 24895
tr8ca:1653z: hello hc2ao i am here
tr8ca: 19/03/18 1653z
hc2ao:1628z: Alain , no good today
TN 3C0 are weak on 12& 17 ((
hc2ao:1603z: hello

hc2ao: 19/03/18 1602z
tr8ca:1304z: hello hola
tr8ca: 19/03/18 1304z
f6cbc: 19/03/18 1144z 19/03/18 1144z
tr8ca:1820z: ok ha3go tks qso i must change ssb to cw but no easy tomorrow
tr8ca: 18/03/18 1820z
ha3go:1816z: UFB in FO29 73
ha3go: 18/03/18 1815z
tr8ca:1811z: ok merci bien ausi j etais sur FO29 il y a cinq minutes tres bon avec l EU
tr8ca: 18/03/18 1811z
Ik7EOT:1515z: Merci qso via sat
Ik7EOT: 18/03/18 1515z
f6cbc: 18/03/18 0732z
f6cbc: 17/03/18 1655z
fk8cp: 16/03/18 1852z
bg3upa:2306z: 80 very good FT 8
bg3upa: 15/03/18 2305z
iw9ghj: 14/03/18 2004z
f6cbc: 13/03/18 0827z
fk8cp: 12/03/18 1753z
us8ar: 12/03/18 1706z
dk0sc: 11/03/18 1648z
dk0sc: 11/03/18 1112z
dk0sc: 11/03/18 1056z
fk8cp: 11/03/18 0856z
f6cbc: 08/03/18 0950z
oe3wms:1754z: ok, bien compris. merci, 73
oe3wms: 07/03/18 1754z
tr8ca:1723z: mon call en france est f6bcl mais je ne vais en france que deux mois par an et au mois de juillet
tr8ca:1723z: oe3wms j'ai un qsl manager f6cbc il faut envoyer chez lui
tr8ca:1723z: I don't think soo because bad propagation no contact the last days on 160
tr8ca: 07/03/18 1722z
RU3OW:1719z: Hi Alain ! Tomorru in air?
RU3OW: 07/03/18 1718z
oe3wms:1656z: je viens t envoyer 4 cartes qsl en direct à ton qth en france, ok? ;-)
oe3wms:1656z: je viens t envoyer 4 cartes qsl en direct à ton qth en france, ok? ;-)
tr8ca:1652z: hello oe3wms
oe3wms:1640z: bjr depuis vienne ;-)
oe3wms: 07/03/18 1639z
tr8ca:1632z: hello rémi jean fp1iof
tr8ca: 07/03/18 1632z
fk8cp: 06/03/18 1913z
f6cbc: 06/03/18 1259z
JP1IOF: 06/03/18 1147z
tr8ca:1558z: salut jean
tr8ca: 05/03/18 1558z
f6cbc: 05/03/18 1043z
tr8ca: 05/03/18 0507z 73 04/03/18 1613z
Ciao.Alain: 04/03/18 1612z
tr8ca:0650z: Hello ru3ow
tr8ca: 04/03/18 0650z
RU3OW:1754z: hi Alain
RU3OW: 03/03/18 1754z
f6cbc: 02/03/18 0917z
tr8ca:0522z: f5bvd merci du message Fr